The Plunder Card™

The PlunderCard™ is like a credit card, only more evil.

Use the PlunderCard™ for those delightful, not-guilty pleasures:
The second Hummer for the Mrs.?
Refilling the crop-duster for some windy-day pesticide spraying?
Tickets to the dog-fight? The bull-fight? The anything-fight?
A new, even louder leaf blower for the landscapers (since theirs isn't loud enough)?
Industrial earth moving equipment, chainsaws, 100-mile fishing nets, landmines?
That Coal/Oil/Nuclear machinery you've been wanting?
A charitable donation to a worthy cause such as the Project for a New American Century?

Who cares if you can afford it? The future generations are the ones who will be paying the price.
And if you're a PlunderMaxx shareholder, you can run up the bill as high as you like,
because you probably sit on the Board of the Bank.
Just tell 'em to "Put it on the Black Card. (wink)"

Plus: Earn and Redeem PlunderPoints.

For every purchase that you make with the PlunderCard™, PlunderMaxx will donate money to itself.
Well, our marketing experts tell us we need say the money is going to worthy causes, such as
Through bad-cause-related marketing, PlunderMaxx will try to spread Plunder to many disparate, unsuspecting areas of society.
By the way, several of our executives make use of Cheat Neutral's services on a regular basis.
Their wives seem fine with the practice, well, except for the ones who found out about it and immediately divorced them.

Rest assured, PlunderMaxx will attempt to maxximize the Plunder resulting from the purchases made with the PlunderCard™.

Apply for your PlunderCard™ today.

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