Protest photos from November 20th, 2004 at Sonoma and Marin Ford and Hummer dealerships:

These protesters used the ultimate power to take on Plundermaxx's goals: Chihuahuas!

Chihuahuas Against Hummers! was a major force at this year's Hummer Protest and Hybrid Rally

"Ford's overall average fuel efficiency of Ford's fleet today is 18.8 mpg, dead last among the top six automakers for the fifth straight year, according to the EPA. Don't mess with me, I'm a huge Chihuahua!"
"The Hummer gets about 8 mpg. Compare that to the Toyota Prius, which gets about 50 mpg. Chihuahuas don't let other Chihuahuas drive Hummers."
Outside Marin Ford. The dealer said they would send a letter to Ford headquarters demanding better fuel efficiency.
Hundreds of cars on Highway 101 passed us.


The morning began at Sebastopol Ford. The dealer said they would send a letter to Ford headquarters demanding better fuel efficiency. The parade of hybrid cars and alt fuel vehicles lines up to drive to San Rafael. We had a Prius, and electric truck, a Honda Insight, and a biodiesel Mercedes.
Elizabeth Herron had Prius Envy. (poem coming soon) The Chihuahuas were pretty rowdy at the protests.
5 Chihuahuas and 10 protesters. Last year there were 2 Chihuahuas and 10 humans. At this rate, Chihuahuas should overtake humans in 2 years.
Meet the protesters:  
Andy: A 2 year alumni.
Durrell: Check out Green Energy Network.
A Saudi sheik crashed the protest.
I almost forgot. We got egged. We believe that the Hummer dealership sent their friends out to egg us. Where was the Marin IJ when we needed them? That's OK, bring it on. Our signs are more effective than your eggs. Their reliance on foreign oil, and military interventions shows Hummer's insecurity, as fragile as an egg shell.
The Govuhnuh. This photo was taken at last year's Hummer/ Ford protest. And the prediction came true.

Wait, he wasn't at the protest.
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Special thanks to Yvonne, Jalapena, Ann, Betsy, Ed, Durrell, and everyone who showed up to the protests.
Damon, you're 0 for 2 now. C'mon man, we're counting on you for the next one.
Toben, where were you. There's no excuse.

Poetry for macho men:

Hummers guzzle oil
Students ask why climate change
Get mad then drive home

Global warming sucks
You drive SUVs and trucks
Time to stop you schmucks.
—Arun Rao, 6/19/04

More poetry coming soon, including Elizabeth's infamous: Prius Envy poem.

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