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PlunderMaxx Corporation is a unique company which strives to maxximize Plunder of social and natural resources. Shareholders benefit from the economic system's non-valuation of "externalities." Profit is therfore correllated with Plunder.


These graphs are presented, free of charge, to concerned shareholders of the PlunderMaxx Corporation. Feel free to use them in your PowerPoints to back up the important points you are making justifying the priority of Plunder over everything else.

Even though our goal at PlunderMaxx is Plunder, our shareholders can be confident that PlunderMaxx cares about social responsibility. At PlunderMaxx we diligently calculate the affect of externalities on our stock value.
As shown in the graph here, PlunderMaxx does indeed have an impact on many aspects of society. Too bad for them, heh heh heh.
We have only one real concern. But for marketing purposes, we hired a consultant to come up with filler (additional concerns) to make this graph more colorful and diverse. But don't worry, when there are diffucult choices to make, such as how to maxximize Plunder, I think this graph illustrates what kind of decision we'll make.

By purchasing our stock, our shareholders engage in what is known as "Socially Irresponsible Investing" (SII). When following an SII investment model, investors look for how they can do the most damage to society and the environment, while still making lots of money. Some investors make social irresponsibility a priority, and make use of such criteria as:

  • number of dictatorships with human rights abuses with which the company does business
  • centrality of fossil fuel use or other unsustainable resource use (e.g. nuclear or toxic waste)
  • amount of greenhouse gas emissions the company creates directly or indirectly through its business
  • does the company ruthlessly target children in order to get them addicted to its sugar or carcinogenic product early on
  • human rights abuses especially against indigenous peoples
  • lots of testing on animals, particularly cute furry animals
  • drilling or mining on public lands, preferably Wildlife Refuges, Sanctuaries, and National Monuments
  • support of politicians or causes which indirectly kill thousands of people, for example, denying medications to impoverished people, defunding international relief and aid efforts for ideological reasons, causing pre-empitve wars to obtain fossil fuel resources, using multilateral institutions such as the IMF to extort poor countries into privatizing water, energy, etc. and more.

Note: "Profits" in our use of the term means "plunder" as measured by social and environmental destruction, not actual U.S. currency. Short term plunder is part of our mission, and therefore we think of plunder as profit.


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